Solar Micro Grids

How does a Solar Microgrid work?

1.All solar PV panels connected in the array generate electricity by converting solar radiation into electrical energy.

2.The electricity generated from the array of panels is transmitted to a central controller called the Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)
3.The PCU controls, regulates and directs the electrical energy transmitted from the array, and supplies electricity directly to homes, shops, offices, street lights etc.

4.During the day, if the power generated is not used or surplus power is generated, the PCU directs this to the battery bank which stores power. This power can then be used at night (after the sun sets).


The microgrid and battery bank are connected to a computer for local power usage monitoring. With the addition of a modem, this information can be accessed from a remote location, eliminating the need for local manpower to monitor the system.

Benifits of Using Solar

Solar solutions installed on your roof or ground are ideal for harnessing the sun’s energy. Not only do they save electricity costs, but also help you fulfill you role as a responsible citizen by contributing positively to the environment.

Electricity bill savings.

Good for the Environment

Less Maintenance

Accelerated Depreciation for businesses

Scalable Design